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How to unlock an iPhone
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"I am a HTC dealer in Australia. I have ordered more than 100 unlock codes till now. They always send me the unlock code within 10 minutes of placing the order. Great Website :)."   -  Andy Sharon

HTC Intruder Phone SIM Unlock Codes
Cheapest & Genuine HTC Intruder SIM Unlocking Code Guaranteed!

We can generate unlock code for HTC Intruder Phone Models of ALL NETWORKS & COUNTRIES including Telstra Australia, T-Mobile USA, T-Mobile UK, AT&T USA, AT&T UK, Telus Canada, Cingular USA, Verizon USA, Sprint USA, Vodafone UK, Rogers Canada, Fido Canada, Red Canada, Movistar Spain, Vodafone Spain, Vivo Brasil, TIM Brasil, SFR France, Orange France, Neuf Telecome France, Bouygues Telecom France, Optimus Portugal and all networks of countries worldwide including INDIA, CHINA, CANADA, BRAZIL, USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN and FRANCE.

Remove Carrier Lock from your HTC Intruder Phone. You will get the carrier provider unlock code, compatible. NO Cable, NO Software just a code to Free your HTC Intruder Phone to use on any network Worldwide.

Unlocking HTC Intruder Phone is completely legal and you will not void the warranty on the phone!

We provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee if the Unlock code not found in our database for the HTC Intruder IMEI# you provided or our unlock code not works on your HTC Intruder.

Delivery time: Instant to 30 minutes! Cheapest and fastest HTC Intruder Unlocking service!

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Cheap HTC HD2 Unlock Code Unlocking HTC Max 4G HTC P3600i Unlock Code


Why to Unlock your HTC Intruder?

Why unlock my device?
Unlocking enables you to freely switch from your initial phone provider to another company without replacing your phone.
No more roaming charges!
Roaming charges can drastically increase your base phone bill every month. These roaming charges are based on either your current cell phone contract or the limits of service areas that your provider offers. Unlocking your phone can eliminate roaming fees by allowing you to change the SIM to lower priced networks or local networks when traveling.
Increase Resale Value of your HTC Intruder
When you decide to upgrade to a new phone, it also time to sell your old one. Unlocked HTC Intruder phones are easier to sell up to 300% more valuable than a locked one because they are compatible with more networks, which means there will be more potential buyers for your HTC Intruder phone.
Use any SIM on any GSM Network
With an unlocked HTC Intruder you can change carriers without buying a new phone. This means you can take advantage of the best service package for your current needs. Then if your needs change, you can change providers.
Fast and Easy
Unlocking takes just 5 minutes of your time and it's as easy as dialing a phone number. There is no need to install any software or upgrade your handsets software.
One-time Event
Works for the life of the HTC Intruder Phone.

Why to Purchase Unlock Code for HTC Intruder from

100% Money Back Guarantee
We provide 100% Money Back Guarantee. If in case we are unable to find the Unlock Code for your HTC Phone or our Unlock code is not working on your HTC Phone we will give you a 100% refund. Please check our 100% Money Back Guarantee before placing the order.

Fast Delivery
On 99.9% orders we send the unlock code instantly. Maximum time we take to find the Unlock Code for your HTC Phone is 30 mins.
Simple Instructions
Our instructions are easy to follow and only require that you be able to enter the code unlocking number on your HTC Phone keypad. If you can dial a telephone number, you can unlock via code.
Supported HTC Models
We support unlock code for almost all HTC models locked to any network or any country, at the Lowest Price Guaranteed, including the ability to unlock latest HTC Models like TOUCH, TYPE and TOUCH or TYPE based HTC phone
Fast Response for your Queries and Complaints
Most of the time team responses to your questions and complaints within 10-15 mins. In some special cases we take no more than 24 hrs. Our team also works on weekends and holidays.


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Please read prior to purchasing

  • Prior purchasing you must check if your HTC Intruder phone is SIM locked. To check this simply insert a different network Sim Card into your HTC Intruder handset and see if the unlock code screen is displayed. Do NOT purchase an unlock code if you don't have this option in your phone menu.
  • You also must check the list of Unsupported Network & Countries prior placing the order. Click here to view the List of Unsupported Network & Countries. If your Network/Country is listed in our unsupported list and place the order then you will not receive any refund.
  • Please make sure that you enter the correct IMEI code for your HTC Intruder Phone as you will not be able to edit this number later.

Place your order using the form above, your unlock code and easy to follow instructions will be sent to the email address you provide on the secure payment system via PayPal. Unlock codes are usually dispatched within 10-30 min, however in some cases it can take up longer.

After you receive the unlock code simply use your HTC Intruder phone keypad to enter the unlock code and your HTC Intruder phone is SIM unlocked!

Due to supplier policy, video proof MUST be provided if code does not work!

If you need support, please Contact Us or send us email directly at


Order HTC Unlock Code Now
[Use the order form on the upper left of the page to place the order]

Cheap HTC HD2 Unlock Code Unlocking HTC Max 4G HTC P3600i Unlock Code

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